PVI-10.0/12.5-TL-OUTD 10 to 12.5 kW

PVI-10.0/12.5-TL-OUTD 10 to 12.5 kW

The high speed and precise Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm provides real-time power tracking and improved energy harvesting.


  • True three-phase bridge topology for DC/AC output converter
  • Transformerless topology
  • Each inverter is set on specific grid codes which can be selected in the field
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Dual input section with independent MPPT allows optimal energy harvesting from two sub-arrays oriented in different directions
  • Integrated DC disconnect switch in compliance with international standards (-S and -FS versions)
  • Natural convection cooling for maximum reliability
  • Outdoor enclosure for unrestricted use under any environmental conditions
  • RS-485 communication interface (for connection to laptop or datalogger)

Two independent MPPTs and efficiency ratings up to 97.8%

This transformerless device has two independent MPPTs and efficiency ratings of up to 97.8%.

Flat efficiency curves ensure high efficiency at all output levels ensuring consistent and stable performance across the entire input voltage and output power range.

The wide input voltage range makes the inverter suitable for low power installations with reduced string size.