Awards and Certifications


Awards & Certifications

National Gold Award - Extra Larger Category – Service Sector
Gold Award – Top 10 Achievers Award
Gold Award for the Service Sector - Extra Large Category
Gold Award for top 10 Achievers
Gold Award for the Large Category
Bronze Award for the Best Demonstration at TECHNO Exhibition
SLECC Business Star Silver Award - Sri Lanka
SLECC Business Star Silver Award - Sri Lanka
Silver Award, Medium category - Construction Sector
Merit Award, Medium Category - Construction Sector
Merit Award for the Overall Performance at Techno Exhibition
Runner-up Award, Medium Category - Services/Others Sector
Gold Award, Medium Category - Serices/ Other Sector
Runner-up Award, Medium Category - Excellence in Environmental Sustainability
Runner-up Award, Medium Category -Other Services/Other Sector
SLECC Business Star Silver Award - Sri Lanka
CNCI Achiever's Award, Large Category / National Level in Industrial & Services Excellence
Bronze Award for the Best Display Imported Products
Gold Award, Medium Category - Other Services/ Other Services
The Most Progressive Partner of the Year
Bronze Awards for the Highest Technological Impact at Techno Exhibition
Gold Medal for the Best Dealer of Lightning Protection Products in the Asian Regional Market